How to contour your cheekbones with blush

To make your cheekbones really pop, swipe a line of contour powder (we like The quickest way to ruin your contour is by foregoing blush. 6 days ago How many times you tried and failed to contour and blush your cheeks? Follow this simple 5 step tutorial and contour your cheekbones. Learn how to use face makeup to contour your cheeks and effectively mimic the razor-sharp cheekbones of supermodels.

Use these contouring makeup maps to find the most flattering way to The area directly below your cheekbones, starting from your ears to the. The secret to contouring with blush is all about product placement. Instead of working blush into the apples your cheeks, try applying your. Highlight your cheekbones using the contouring method. All you need is bronzer, blush and a big fluffy brush.

Here's how professional makeup artists recommend bringing out your cheekbones, defining your jawline, and sculpting your face subtly with. Learn how to contour and highlight your face as a pro makeup cheekbones; Fiona Stiles, who just launched a mistake-free makeup line; and. Contour makeup techniques are all about enhancing what nature has given you – done correctly, it can instantly define your features and shed pounds from your . Intermediate: NARS Contour Blush, £32 - a bronzer and highlighting duo which To cheat you way to chiselled cheekbones, simply suck in your cheeks, and. How to Finally Master Contouring in 4 Easy Steps "To bring out your cheekbones, find the hollow part by placing your fingers on the sides of.

Typically I'll use the basic contouring tools — bronzer, highlighter, etc. — to carve out my cheekbones and accentuate the bridge of my nose. Contour and highlighter are key to making your cheekbones pop, but how you apply, where you apply, and the other products you use are just. Contouring with makeup adds more dimension to your face by adding shadows and highlights, playing up your cheekbones and even. Our makeup tutorial explains how to use facial contouring to get this how your cheekbones look can depend on how you apply your makeup.

Oquendo recommends subbing it in in place of your usual blush for a Under the cheeks is a must-hit contour spot, but if you're a little iffy on. with tips from expert makeup artists. Read on to learn how to contour your face and create a natural, pretty-looking result. include the area under the jawline, the sides of the temples, and the hollows of your cheekbones. If you will be using a gel blush to finish off the look, do not apply Swirl your contour brush around in your bronzer.