How to get ashlay star ocean

Ashlay Bernbeldt is a playable character in the original Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: Go to the arena, go to the audience stands, and talk to him. For Star Ocean: First Departure on the PSP, a GameFAQs message were phia go to a cave so i still can recruit Ashlay Bernbeldt or i cant?. For Star Ocean: First Departure on the PSP, Character Recruitment you get him you can't get: 1) Phia in the early game 2) Ashlay 3).

For Star Ocean: First Departure on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic i just got milly and i have no1 else expect ratix and ilia (2nd. Ashlay - Ashlay appears in the arena in Tatroi only if you didn't recruit Cyuss. Go to the arena, go to the audience stands, and talk to him. He's pretty conspicuous. I didn't get Ashlay in my game, but I do know that you recruit him at Tatroi arena. To get him, you must refuse Cyuss when asked if you want him to join the party.

Images of the voice actors who play the voice of Ashlay Bernbeldt in Star Ocean: First Departure (Game). Star Ocean Shrine - Your source for info on this SNES classic. In battle Ashlay is a solid companion (though he doesn't have as much variety as the other two. This is my FAQ for star ocean. Since ZSNES hasn't Choose again. c) Cius leaves you, and you can get Ashlay to join. NOTE: If you leave. Well that bad don't you need her in the end? I really only wanted to get rid of Ashlay, because I met the werewolf guy and have no room for him. My current party is Roddick, Ilia, Ashlay, Ioshua, Ronyx and Mavelle. The guide tells me I can now go to Astral Castle to recruit Phia, and then I.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International As far as I know you just have to fight Gemini Dragons (I think thats the name?) until you unlock the Ashley Fight. I think i had and then i just got my ass handed to me by Ashlay XD. If it's Cyuss, go to the inn and rest, if you have Ashlay go to Lias' mansion and rest there. If you don't have Cyuss or Ashlay, you'll have to save Phia from jail first. Ashlay Bernbeldt.. Star Ocean: The Last Hope. the reward isn't that great. Make life easy for yourself and come back when you're level Note: lose the character Ashlay and Eris if he joined the group permanently Note: If he joined the party and you did not have Ashlay, Marvel can be removed .

Star Ocean: First Departure is the remake of the prior version in SNES. And if you want to recruit Erys, you must have Ashlay in the party. However, if you have six or fewer characters in your party when returning to the Use Ashlay as a Battle Member in boss fights and initiate Private Actions .. Continue: With at least one STAR OCEAN: First Departure save game stored on the.