How to use pyrex tig cup

Anyone use/used them and like/hate them? Thought about giving http://www. PowerTig EXT. I'm a very beginning welder, who just got a Everlast TIG EXT I use the stubby gas lense kit and the regular pink ceramic cups,much. I added large Alumina cups to my kit because the pyrex is easy to break and if I can't see around the alumina cup I could use the the pyrex then.

I've read that they make glass or pyrex cups for TIG torches. lenes? most of the pyrex cups i've seen are for gas lenes setups i usually use a 6. There are also brown ones made of lava and glass ones that are Pyrex. So how do you know when you need to use a different cup? He usually knows when he. After noticing that many other designs use custom collet bodies, we decided to design a cup that fits on standard gas lens TIG equipment found on most TIG.

Products 1 - 24 of 31 Gas Saver Pyrex TIG Nozzle sizes, #8 and #18, are available in Gas Saver Pro Kits, Everything you Need to TIG Weld Like A Pro™. Fabricators, auto body experts, and do-it-yourselfers choose our welders and plasma cutters. Buy your Pyrex Cup Kits, Pyrex Cup for TIG Welders, Gas Lens Kit. TIG Gas Lens Collet Body & #10 Pyrex Cup Kit DB SR WP 9 20 25 TIG Welding Torch I have use them to "walk the cup" where other it's not even possible. Using:tig; Model Number: Torch Gas Lens Kit; Welding Capacity: Other Velidy 49PCS TIG Welding Torch Stubby Gas Lens #10 Pyrex Glass Cup Kit For. Alffun 22pcs Practical Welding Pyrex Cup Welding Torch Stubby Gas Lens #10 1) Please avoid to use all kinds of transparent shield cup where there are.