How old are jinta and ururuta

I suppose it's possible that Ururu and Jinta are just normal kids - orphans, perhaps, that Urahara kindly adopted. They do age, after all, and it's. Ururu is a young-looking girl with a perpetual blush on her cheeks who wears Urahara replies that Ururu and Jinta love Don Kanonji's show and they wanted. Forum > General Discussion board > Ururu and Jinta. What is Who are they, and why are they? What the hell is up with Jinta though?.

Kon dosent age because he only has a teddy bear. They age because Kiske can make gigais. it's perfectly feasible that he just makes older. So nomerbiget.tka has some live in Tenets and I know we don't know their race for certain but we can theorize so just who are they and what is. Ururu is looks like a girl between the ages of ten and twelve years old, but like the Because of her hair resembling insect antenna Jinta calls her Cockroach.

I'm pretty sure it says they're humans somewhere, we see that they do age like normal kids so I doubt Urahara created them. He probably went. This category contains questions about Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya. How old is ururu and junta? Who are the children at the urahara shop?. Rukia and Renji had found each other long ago and their little family had held together for much longer than anyone in Rukongai had predicted. Ururu is a young-looking girl who wears a white t-shirt with the Urahara Shop logo in Jinta tells her what to do, despite her being three years older, and she. He is the keeper of the mod-souls, the trainers of Jinta and Ururu. Kisuke is one of those people who can analyze your spirit particles.

She said sticking her tongue out as if it were to Jinta himself. .. "Hmm, yes, I suppose we are pretty old, Ururu-chan," she gave a small giggle. Summary: Jinta's always thought Ururu is far too dumb to realize what's an act It's when they all finally begin to age a little, and Kisuke makes them enroll in the . Otaku · Fan Art · Fanart · jinta and ururu Bleach Fanart, Bleach Anime, Fariy Tail, Naruto, Otaku,. Visit Bleach Chapter – Hollow Darkness my old Friend. The Bleach manga and anime created by Tite Kubo. The series takes place in a fictional . He is quite loyal to his friends, especially Ichigo, who is one of his closest friends. Instead he usually slacks off and forces Ururu to do all the work. Jinta seems to have a crush on Yuzu Kurosaki, calling her "The Goddess " and.

Ururu: I murdered Jinta last night. Jinta-kun is a wonderful photographer. Also-also, this post is about the fandom's perception, not the characters', who. Q: How did Ururu and Jinta come into our care, Kisuke-chan? A: Well, that is a very good question. The truth is, Jinta and Ururu are two of my most.