How to edit archive link on tumblr

While themes such as Rubber Cement allow you to hide the archive and RSS links, other themes lack this option. However, Tumblr allows you to edit the HTML . Most Tumblr themes already have an Archive link that directs readers to older posts. However, if your theme doesn't have this useful element, you can customize. Most Tumblr themes include a link to RSS and Archive by default. Sign in to your Tumblr dashboard, select the blog you want to edit and then click " Customize.

Look for a setting labeled "Show archive button," "Show archive link," "Show blog tools" or similar. Is it possible to change the archives page in tumblr?. Edit the HTML code for your Tumblr theme directly to display a link to the archives page if there is no option to do so within the theme's settings. Click the "Edit. While most Tumblr themes enable you to show this archive page via a link or button, you Click the "Edit HTML" button to view the source code of your theme.

This guide can be applied to all my themes, and explains how you can easily edit the default links, add more links, and make certain links open. 1: Log into your account and choose the blog you are looking to modify. problems reported by users like you: Tumblr: How do I add an archive link to my blog?;. The way Tumblr is built means you can use a certain set of URL tricks on any of Edit; Embiggen; Send to Editors; Promote; Share to Kinja; Toggle Conversation tools Many Tumblrs have a "random" link you can click on. Speaking of archives, stick "archive" after the main site address to see every. The only way this may be possible to to 'add a page' at the bottom of your blog's ' edit theme' menu and give it a custom layout. The page url. It's impossible to change the /archive page of a Tumblr blog as Tumblr does not provide the capability.

How to add links in your Tumblr theme Step one: Open the customize panel Step two: Scroll down and select 'Add a new page' Step three: Change page type. Slideshow for all photosets; Change colours, including: header background, text Show Random Link - [off] / on; Show Archive Link - [off] / on; Show RSS Link. Tumblr offers the following ways to list posts automatically: With Custom Pages you could link and organize all your posts manually. With the. If you have lots of code, create a JSFiddle and link to it. Do not request help forging/editing websites or emails. A google search and 3 seconds later: http://

The Mega-Editor lists all your Tumblr posts in the same way as you can see them on the Tumblr Archive page. This Mega-Editor can be. Remove archive link on tumblr "Customize and change it by look for width and.. .".