How to measure turntable belt length

Jan 15, How to Measure your Belt Length. There are hundreds of models of turntables out there. Please assume that we do not know the details of your. We highly prefer this method over getting a length measurement of your old belt as we don't really know if your old belt stretched a lot or a little over the decades. Modern Radio Bolton stock a large range of replacement turntable belts worn belt by the ends without stretching and measure the inside of the belt's length.

Sep 3, I have some vintage turntables, and documentation can't be found over the internet My question is how to determine the appropriate belt size. If you order the wrong size belt because you measured incorrectly, you cannot return them. If you have any questions about the measuring process, please ASK . Turntable Belt Model Specification Chart. Flat Belts | O-Ring Belts | Square Cut Belts. measuring belt length. IC=Inside Circumference, or Length. Wall.

To measure a belt length, determine first whether the belt is worn, broken or stretched. . Phono Pre Amplifier to hook a turntable to computer sound card, a CD. How to Measure Tape Deck and Turntable Belts To measure the length ( circumference) of the belt, lay it out straight as shown in the diagram below. If the belt is. Turntable Belt Size Information. There are really just two main sources for turntable belts. PRB brand belts, which we sell, are made in the USA and are the best. If you still have the old belt intact: > Lay it out flat on the table > Pinch it at both ends & straighten the belt but don't stretch it. > Measure the length & then double it. The correct belt length can then be determined by deducting 5% of the measured dimension which generally equates to mm less than the measured.

If your turntable is not listed, all you need to do is send us via e-mail your existing belt's type (flat, round or square), measurements specifically its length and. 16 Products They come in various lengths to suit a wide variety of turntables, To select the correct size belt measure the diameter (the distance across not. If you buy a belt which does not work because it is the wrong size, you can return .. of explaining about belt sizes and how to measure the turntable seems very. Jan 14, Turntable Belt Replacement: How to Do That like A Pro Tape measure: This is the tool support to measure the length of the belt. Flat-head.

Products 1 - 10 of 22 Turntable Belts by size. Fast service with free shipping within UK. Price shown are in pounds sterling and inclusive of VAT. A record player belt connects the motor to you turntable, spinning it at a Measure the old belt's length, subtracting mm for the amount it has stretched.