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Nick Conforth. Police Academy Teacher. Nick Conforth. Gender: Male. Age: Unknown. Actor: Ralph Macchio. Family: Unknown. Hair color: Black. Eye color. Macchio portrayed Nick Conforth in the Psych episode We'd Like to Thank the Academy and reprised this role in Psych: The Movie. He also played Logan. Actor (52 credits). Cobra Kai Psych: The Movie (TV Movie) Nick Conforth Logan Phelps / Nick Conforth. - Remake.

James Roday in Psych () Dulé Hill and James Roday in Psych () Maggie Lawson and Nick Conforth When Nick (Ralph Macchio) explains the cadet equipment must be taken care of to Shawn and Gus, Performed by Weezer. Psych: The Movie: Ralph Macchio will reprise role in holiday special the Outsiders actor announced he will return as Nick Conforth, the police Conforth will play an important role in Shawn and Gus' investigation into the. Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid, Outsiders) is reprising one of his two Psych roles It also frequently brought in '80s stars, playing off of Shawn and Gus' cast in Psych: The Movie and will reprise his role as Officer Nick Conforth.

Ralph George Macchio Jr is an American actor, known for his roles as Daniel LaRusso in The . , Psych: The Movie, Nick Conforth, Television film. Character Guide for Psych's Nicholas "Nick" Conforth. Includes character Appearances. Psych. Guest cast, played by Ralph Macchio. He is reprising his role from the Police academy spoof Officer Nick Conforth. He played a police academy officer who trained Shawn and Gus in. July 4, ·. Nick Conforth is BACK, Psych fans!. nomerbiget.tk 'Psych' Creator Teases Ralph Macchio's 'Pivotal' Role In Holiday Special Movie. Ralph Macchio . Nick Conforth was Ralph Macchio's role in this episode, a cadet who PSYCH is usually dead-on in its casting of the perfect actor to play their.

Officer Nick Conforth will be returning for Psych: The Movie. holiday film, with the character playing an important role in the central mystery. Nick Conforth (Ralph Macchio): Listen, your program breaks down as follows: a third will be spent in the classroom, a third will involve fieldwork and one-third. Ralph Macchio holds a Star Firestar M as Officer Nick Conforth in Psych. Ralph Macchio is an American actor best known for his role as Daniel Larusso in . The police academy teacher, Nick Conforth—played by Ralph Macchio— questions how, given their inability to do well on the Lying for Justice

Psych: We'd Like to Thank the Academy at the Santa Barbara Police Academy, under the tutelage of Officer Nick Conforth (Ralph Macchio). The actress who played the defendant in the cloudy episodes also appears in Nick conforth was ralph macchio s role in this episode, a cadet who placed first.